Activity information Form

Please use the below form to provide your young person with permission to carry out activities away from the regular HQ nights that you person will attend/attends. Whilst activities may still be notified in advance – for example dates for camps and payments – this form ensures that we have permission for all activities over the coming year. This includes – for example – overnight stays/sleepovers, camping, hiking and associated activities, shooting, swimming, use of axes and knives, parades, ice skating, horse riding etc. The form allows you to set out which activities you do not give permission for. You can update the form at any time and resubmit – for example, if health information needs updating. We will ask for a new form to be completed each year, so we know it is up-to-date.

Data Protection

This form is used to collect information about your young person for the purpose of events and activities. As part of this form we collect personal data about your young person. This detail is required so that we can register them for event/activities. This form also collects sensitive (special category) data about your young person, this detail is required so that we can offer additional support if required and keep your young person safe whilst in our care. We may share your personal data in this form with third parties, for event/activity registration. These third parties are used on the basis that they align with our data privacy policies. We take your personal data privacy seriously. The data you provide to us is securely stored based on local arrangements and will be kept for 2 months after the expiry of this form or for any queries that arise before being securely destroyed. For further detail please visit our Data Protection Policy available to view here.

This form is intended to provide permission for your young person to undertake all activities within 3rd Whitton Scout Group/Edmund Hilary Explorer Unit HQ and external events and activities for the year starting from the date of the form.

All activities, events and outings will be run in accordance with the current, or updated, version of the Scout Association Policies Organisation and Rules. Details of activities covered by this activity permission form can be found here.

Where necessary, additional information will be provided for each activity, event or outing such as date, meeting place and time, collection place and time, cost and payment, equipment to be provided, organiser and contact details.

Please note that no responsibility for personal equipment/clothing and effects will be accepted by the organisers and The Scout Association does not provide automatic insurance cover in respect to such items.

Activity Form

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