Group Alert! Issue 1

Date: 15th Jan 2024 Author: Scout Websites

We left 2023 with Ice Skating at Hampton Court with the Scouts and Explorers whilst the Cubs and Beavers had their own Festive Fun Film Night.

I would like to say a big thank you to all our Leaders, Jess, Charlotte, Luca, Seb, Lily Ellis, Josh, Lucy, Jason, Andy, Ade, Jade, Ted, Nicola, Guy, our Young Leaders Hattie, Sam Tp, Emma, Sam Tk, Roisin, Thomas, along with our Exec Members Damian, Tom, Leslie, Tony, Dalia, Lama, Donna, Jenny, and Matilda, Marcin, Rob and all our unsung helpers who have helped on The Big Help Out and any other times we have asked for help.


Group Alert! Issue 1
Group Alert! Issue 1
Group Alert! Issue 1

So we have some fantastic news and I would like to welcome Ade Allenby as our new Cub Leader, along with as always Andy our ACL and our Young Leaders Hattie & Sam. They were all having a fun first night with loads of giggles and games along with working towards their Chief Scout Silver Awards this year. Beavers are growing in numbers and Jade, Lucy & Jason welcome another 3 new Beavers over the next few weeks. Scouts are going from strength to strength with Ted as our Scout Leader and our new Assistant Scout Leader Ellis, who both of them were Beavers once upon a time with us at 3rd Whitton. And Nicola as Explorer Leader has returned this year with a huge number of Explorers and a full program to keep them busy and hands on in their Scouting adventures like all our Sections

Group Alert! Issue 1

Very soon we will be launching our very own Website which will be a portal to a host of information, like permission slips for activities, dates for diaries, outings and camp information, save a date for future activities and outings. BUT We need you to all go onto your OSM (online scout manager) parent portal to check out your child’s health information including photo permissions to promote Scouting on our website as well as ticking the Gift Aid box. Please also check that I have put in the correct information, emails, mobile numbers, address and Doctors and health & dietary requirements including allergies and medical information please. You will also be able to place Uniform orders via the website soon as well we hope.

There is some exciting news regarding a new and simple way of paying subs, which Damian & The Exec will be explaining very shortly.

Group Alert! Issue 1

Term Times Dates

12th January – 9th February 2024 – Break Up.

Half term 12/2/24-16/2/24 – No scouts on 16/2/24

Return to Scouts 23/2/2024 – *22/3 2024 (*Quiz Night & Break up for Easter).

25/3/2024 – 15/4/2024 – Easter Holidays

Return to Scouts 19/4/2024 – 17*/5/2024 *break up for half term.

Sunday 21/4/24 -St George’s Day Parade in Whitton High Street more info to follow

Return to Scouts 7/6/2024 – 19/7/2024 – Break up for Summer Holidays

Friday 23rd August 2024 – Saturday 18th August – Summer Camp for Scouts & Explorers TBC – to be confirmed once we have the Camp Site booked.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls